BroHosting International Ltd
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About BroHosting

A Company That Had a Dream and Achieved It

Our Company

BroHosting was found in 2017 however, the idea came a long time ago.
By the time we started growing flawlessly and now we are a happy company with more than 250 users.

Our vision

The BroHosting’s leaders thinks everyone can create good-looking and professional websites. The limit is only exists in your mind. But with enough time, concentration, stamina you can accomplish it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people achieve their dreams, support their projects! We have always been ready to provide you the best support, and always will be.

Where name came from?

The origin of our hosting’s name can be lead to the famous How I Met Your Mother TV Series. We would like to support our clients like Barney did to Ted. We just simply love to help people and any company that needs help.

Our Values

  • Always up-to-date
  • We are always trying to use the latest technology to keep you updated and secure.

  • Free Goodies
  • We know much non-profit company or foundation can’t afford for paid hosting!

  • Respect customer
  • We love customers! Customers made us happy! So we always respect them

  • Open for ideas
  • Do you have any idea how we could improve our service? We would love to hear that!

The Success Team

Marcell Csendes

Customer Success & Web Developer
He created the idea of BroHosting's mission. He loves everything related to Internet Technology.

Attila Teplán

Software-engineer / Web Developer University student. He is Marcell's right hand, so we could say they are together the heart of the whole BroHosting.